Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Catching up

Dear heart, Momma has not posted in a long time and I am sorry.

On August 17th, Dad-O and I went out to dinner and you stayed home with some friends. Lady S is a Momma's age friend and Lady D is a your age friend. You did not cry when Momma and Dad-O left. In fact, you were too busy hugging Lady D to even notice that Momma and Dad-O had gone! All night you were happy go lucky girl showing off your toys. The only time you cried was when Lady D got tired of hugs. Apparently, other than that you had an evening as wonderful as your parents.

Later that night Momma and Dad-O realized something exciting: you and Momma share a birthstone. So even though Momma doesn't wear a lot of jewelry, you and I will be able to share when you get older!

Then, 9 days later, you turned one. We had some presents for you to open on your birthday and you got to have a doughnut for breakfast on this special day.

Two days later, on Saturday, you had your birthday party. Lots of your friends came and we all enjoyed the exciting fact that you are now a big, one year old girl. We opened presents and talked about you and ate cupcakes. And you got to eat a chocolate cupcake all by yourself.

While Momma has been forgetting to post you've also started daycare (which you love) and stopped nursing (which Momma does not love) and even started playing pretend! Today you brought a pretend cookie up to me, I pretended to eat it, then when I held it up to you, you pretended to eat it! Maybe you were just mimicking me, but I was really impressed and excited watching you pretend.

You now sign 'please', 'milk', 'toilet' (sometimes), 'more', and sometimes drink or food though those signs are very subjective in your mind. You can say 'mama', 'dad-o', 'hi', 'yeah', 'dogdog', 'baby', 'baba', and a very impressive try at 'blueberry'.

You still like to go to sleep wrapped up on Dad-O and that is really the only time you stop moving. You are an extremely busy, fast moving, risk taking girl.

We all adore you sweet girl.


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