Sunday, May 30, 2010

This last picture doesn't fit with our beautiful morning in the coffee shop ones, but you're just so cute. You got ahold of your pajamas (covered in peach juice from breakfast) and put them back on! Sort of. You looked like a little unicorn with your purple and white polka dotted horn. You are so much fun to be with my love.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Read to me?

A minute ago you looked at your dad, held up a book, and waited. He asked if you wanted him to read it to you and held his hand you. You put the book in his hand and looked at him.

Now he's reading it to you. Mama, Do You Love Me?

It may be a book about a mother's love, but when you ask your dad to read to you, he will oblige. No matter the content. You are loved my beautiful girl.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Adelaide, there are a few sure ways to get your attention.

  1. Put your books away. You cannot stand to have your books put away on their shelf. You come crawling as fast as you can to pull the books off the shelf.
  2. Hug someone else. You seem to believe that you belong in any hug or kiss; and it's wonderful to watch. If I want to get your attention, I hug your dad. Within seconds you are crawling up our legs, patting us and reminding us where our affection should be directed.
  3. Open the refrigerator. The mysterious lure of the fridge is just too much for you to resist.
  4. Put a flip flop on the floor. You like shoes, you like to touch and eat shoes, but you LOVE flip flops.
Folding laundry is also a pretty safe bet, but not a sure enough lure to include it on the list. But you do love to fold laundry. Especially diapers. I fold them, you grab them and swing them over your head. That makes the chore take a bit longer, but we have a such a good time.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Oh Adelaide, I have the best pictures of you from today, great videos of you recently, and absolutely no desire to sit in front of a computer to import them all. Your daddy is done with classes for the year, your mommy is done with her classes for a long time, and your daddy is done with work for a while. We are out enjoying the amazing Alaskan sun, grilling on the porch, and just generally having an amazing time. If you're lucky, we'll see rain soon and momma will post more. If you're really lucky, everything will continue just as it is. Life is so good.

Thursday, May 20, 2010


Adelaide, your fearlessness amazes me.

We went to Denali National Park and visited the sled dogs. The ranger there warned us that the dogs really, really liked kids. She wasn't kidding. Those dogs loved you. They barked and leapt and jumped and barked and barked. You scolded them. You were in the Ergo, close on my back, and felt no fear. Those giant furry beasts were not scary, but there were certainly in trouble with Miss 'laidie! Even the park ranger laughed and commented on how brave you are.

You impress people everywhere we go. You are truly amazing.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Yeah, we're all sick. But one of us still looks good. Addie Muse, you are flawless.

You also seem to have (finally!) gotten over your ear infections but not yet your cold. And sweetheart, I think all your open-mouthed baby kisses have shared that cold with momma and daddy too.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

When babies learn to wave, many begin by opening and closing their fingers with the palm facing themselves. We thought you had started doing this, and we were very excited about it. I used the past tense in that sentence because we've discovered that you may have been asking us for milk. The sign for milk is done exactly the same as the way most babies learn to wave. So, maybe you're waving, maybe you're asking for milk.

Tonight, we went to a potluck at a house with two dogs. You didn't mind the dogs at all. You had no problem with the chocolate lab licking your face. You seemed interested in touching (and let's be frank, probably tasting) the dog. Then one of the dogs tried to sniff the piece of cantaloupe you were eating. You yelled and growled and told that dog who was boss. I was worried you might be afraid of the dogs, but you were just afraid the dog might eat your food!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

baby doll

Maybe it's time for your first baby doll. I thought nothing of baby dolls for the first 8 months. But today you lost your mind over the neighbor girl's doll. You screamed and yelled and shrieked and of the 4 moms in the room, none of us could tell if you were happy or scared or angry or sad. But you would not play away from that doll.

Whatever you felt, you felt it intensely. And I think you want your own. Well, we're about to find out!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

You love to turn pages. You love to read with us. This morning we cleaned up the whole living room. Put away all the toys and books and balls. The only thing you cared about were the books. You crawled right over and pulled them back out again.

My little bookworm.

Monday, May 3, 2010


Over the last week, you have injured yourself several times. My love, you must be careful with yourself. I worked hard to make that perfect little head.

First, I let you play with a pot and wooden spoon. You had great fun, until the pot flipped over (so it was bottom down) and you tried to stand up braced against one side. Pushing down on one side of the rim made the other rim whip up and get you right between the eyes.

Later that night, you were playing on the porch while your dad and I ate, and you grabbed the bike rack that was leaned up against the wall and brought it down on your finger.

Yesterday, you were sleeping so soundly on the couch. I went into the kitchen to grab a glass of water and heard a *THUMP* and then you crying. You'd rolled right off the couch and onto the floor.

Then, you were playing with a spoon and smacked yourself in the forehead so hard that it left a bruise.

Today, you tried to pull yourself up against a toy and knocked yourself into the corner of a wall. Your first goose egg.

In just a few days, you cut the bridge of your nose, cut your finger, bonked your head, bruised your forehead, and gave yourself a goose egg. Either I'm a terrible mother or you're getting to the age where you're going to start hurting yourself all the time.


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