Monday, August 16, 2010

Food Hoarding

For some reason Adelaide, you have started hiding food in your shirt. You have always been a good eater, but now your love of cuisine seems to be taking on a whole new level. You've stated pulling your shirt away from your body, dropping bits of food in, and then sticking your head in your shirt. You get so excited about having the food tucked in your shirt.

When it's time to give you a bath at night, we end up with a pile of food next to the bathtub. As soon as we unbutton your onesie a pile of food falls out.

I have no idea why you are hiding the food in your shirt. Is it because Mommy has food in her shirt? Is it because the food tickles when it slides down your skin? You get SUCH a kick out of looking at the food inside your shirt. Tomorrow, I'll try to video your new little project.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Dancing Queen

Little one, you dance every chance you get. Music comes on, and you stand up and swing those shoulders back and forth, bend your knees and LAUGH! If I could take my eyes off you I'd get a video of it.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Being a stay at home dad

Well, I am coming up to the end of my first of my first week of being a stay at home dad with you, Adelaide. Today you started hiding your stuffed sheep in the couch cushions and then pulling it out with a shocked look on your face. How did this get here? And today, you have been crawling up on to the couch into my lap with a book in your hand when you want me to read to you. Of course, more often than not, halfway through the book you will crawl back down.

I love spending this time with you, but it is priceless to see the look on your face when mom comes home from work. Your eyes light up and to look back at me to make sure I see her and am as exited as you are.

Monday, August 2, 2010

My first day of work outside the house

This blog is not about your momma. But today was my first day of work outside the house. Your Dad-do is staying home with you, and you guys had a great time. I came home on lunch to visit, and you were asleep in your high chair! I've never seen you do that before. Sweet, tired baby. You were still sleeping when I left, asleep when I came home from lunch, and you've been asleep since I got home.

Looks like Dad-do wore you right out! Well as soon as you wake up baby girl, you are gonna get lots of hugs from your momma!


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