Friday, November 19, 2010

Addie's first library books

Adelaide, you've been to the library a lot in your short life, much more than most children your age but today was the first day that we checked out books for you. We asked the librarians about Spot books (your current fav) and they pulled some out of their private collection so that you could read some with flip up pieces. They don't get circulated, but we were allowed to read them in the library. You had both the librarians laughing the whole time we read. You'd mimic me and stare intently at each page. How you can do both things at the same time is beyond me, but you do it with style.

You've also discovered naked time. And you LOVE it! So occasionally, while we're out and about, you will grab the bottom of your shirt, pull it up, and then yell "NayNayNay!" (requesting to be naked). It's pretty cute. You're pretty cute.

Love you baby.



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