Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Dear Child

Dear Child,
No matter how much I love you, my desire to write adoringly about your endeavors is dampened severely by battling you for naptime for more than an hour. Please, please, accept me as a substitute nap-inducer when Daddy is not home.

Moving On.

Hilarity #1:
This morning we were sharing a cup of water. You dumped it on the floor. Tired, I asked you to go get a towel and clean up the water. You did. !! All by yourself! You went to the kitchen, opened the drawer (with some difficulty and equal perseverance), grabbed a towel, brought it back to my feet, and cleaned up the water. Unreal! So Cute! So impressive! Most one year olds do not do that. You are clearly the best.

Hilarity #2:
More involving the towels. Daddy brought down a load of clean kitchen towels and asked if you wanted to help fold them. You shouted "Yes!" and ran into the kitchen. I folded one towel, put it away, and grabbed another. You watched me do this (as you've seen me do many times), grabbed the pile of towels, shoved them into the drawer, picked up the one you dropped, then shut the drawer and walked away. No flies on you! You know the bottom line and you got the job done. Awesome, kiddo. Awesome.

Hilarity #3:
Last night Daddy went into the kitchen to check on dinner. It was done, so he said he would set the table. You climbed off my lap, ran as fast as you could into the kitchen and shouted "Help, Help!" while reaching for the plate he was holding. Then you helped set the table chanting "helper, helper, helper". How many one year olds are so thoughtful? How many one year olds are so excited about helping their parents set the table for dinner? No one. No one but you, my love. You are exceptional.

Hilarity #4:
You've started requesting ice in your baths. We got you some bubble bath for Christmas (which you hated at first). Now, whenever we mention a bath, you first ask for bubbles and then ask for ice. I have no idea how you got the idea of ice in the bathtub, but you have a blast with it. You just hold it and dunk it and watch it melt. Then, you search though the bubbles looking for the melted ice. Silly fun.



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