Wednesday, December 22, 2010


You have 3 friends that you play with most often.

Lady D, Lady S, and Mr. M. You LOVE your friends. You have a blast with them. The four of you move in a little herd that thoroughly examines and enjoys everything in its path. Last night we hosted Mild Mannered Mellow Baby Playtime (which used to be called Crazy Baby Playtime, but you little ones took that charge too seriously) and you had a blast. You all played dress up and climbed on things and figured out the parts of the living room that haven't been thoroughly baby-proofed since we last moved our furniture.

Mr. M's momma gave us a Christmas card that has Mr. M's picture on it. You carry it around with you when he's not here. You show him things, and try to share your teething rings, and generally just try to be the best hostess you can. When he gets here, you try to do those things with him, and so I'm trying to help you learn that the autonomy you so love and cherish may also be something he enjoys as well.

You're sweet my love. A sweet girl with very sweet friends.



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