Thursday, December 16, 2010

Potty Learning

Well my dear you have decided that it's time to use the potty. I'm not sure how you learned what it's for, because neither Daddy nor I use it in front of you, but you know what it's for and you want to use it.

Last night I was letting you run around naked while I folded your clothes and diapers. Suddenly you stopped running, pointed to where you had just dribbled a bit, said "poop!", then went to the door of your room, pointed to the bathroom, and said "potty. potty!"

A little bewildered, I scooped up your naked self and took you to the potty. After a few minutes of relishing how fun and exciting sitting on the potty was you then announced "poop," grabbed at your lower abdomen and began peeing. When you were done, you clapped for yourself and grabbed my shoulders to hop off.

Sweetheart, I know no one has taught you this. I know it because I am with you 24/7. You don't want TV, and you haven't been with a babysitter in months. I have no idea how you figured all of that out. Just more proof that you are awesome. My little baby genius. My little baby genius who is trying very hard to grow up.



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